Sunnymede Wet Weather Project


The Sunnymede Peak Flow Facility provides pumping, treatment, and temporary storage of peak sanitary sewer flows caused by wet-weather events. This project includes construction of a new Sunnymede Pump Station with separate dry-weather and wet-weather pumping capabilities. The new facility was designed to disguise its function to surrounding residential developments.


During a peak flow event, sewage is pumped to a high rate clarification system where solids are removed through a process called ballasted flocculation. Treated flow is then temporarily stored in an earthen equalization basin until it can be pumped to Fort Smith’s Massard Wastewater Treatment Plant for final treatment and disposal.


As part of the project, a walking trail, park, and parking lot were developed on the site which is adjacent to the Arkansas River.


  • Sunnymede Peak Flow Facility
  • Electrical Building, Screenings Building, Chemical Building
  • Fort Smith, Arkansas

Project Details

  • Electrical Building – 528 Square Feet
  • Screenings Building – 1,184 Square Feet
  • Chemical Building – 3,421 Square Feet

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