Sparks Hospital Renaissance


Sparks Regional Medical Center needed to update its facilities and strengthen the physical relationships between departments which worked closely together to provide patient care. The existing facility, spread over several city blocks, had grown so large that it no longer functioned efficiently. The Emergency Department, responsible for 60 percent of patients admitted to the facility, was located at the rear of the existing facility in the basement.


The new plan called for a new Emergency Department to be located adjacent to a new front door of the medical center, with separate entries for walk-in patients and ambulances. The ED contains and fast track clinic and is located adjacent to the Medical Imaging Department. A new Heart Clinic with Cardiac Catheterization labs is located next to the Medical Imaging and Emergency Department reducing the time required to get patients from the ED to the Cath Lab.


The Intensive Care Unit was relocated from the existing facility to the second floor of the Renaissance project.


The ICU, located directly above the Emergency Department reduces the transport distances for patients being transported from the ED and Cath Labs to the ICU. Shell space for a future Surgery Center is located on the second floor adjacent to the ICU.


  • Sparks Renaissance
  • Sparks Regional Medical Center
  • Fort Smith, Arkansas

Project Details

  • 142,000 square feet

Completion Date

  • 2008

Project Value

  • $29.4 million

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