Fort Smith Public Libraries


The Fort Smith Public Library had operated for years out of facilities located in the downtown area. As Fort Smith grew in population and in area the Library became more and more isolated from where the majority of residents lived. In 1998, the Library Board embarked on a plan to make the library more accessible by building a new main Library closer to the geographic center of the City and to locate three new branch libraries in areas remote from the center of town.


The Library Board, working with design architect, Meyer, Scherer, and Rockcastle, Ltd., and  MAHG asked that the new facilities provide not only access to books, but also public access computer stations, young adult and children’s areas, and public meeting rooms at all four locations.


The libraries utilize materials and architectural features normally found in traditional architecture. The intent was to establish a strong and memorable physical image of the library in the community.


  • Fort Smith Public Libraries
  • City of Fort Smith
  • Fort Smith, Arkansas

Project Details

  • Main Library - 60,000 square feet
  • Branch Libraries – 10,000 square feet

Completion Date

  • 2001

Project Value

  • $10.7 million

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