Our History


The legacy of MAHG Architecture is rich and extensive, spanning many generations.


Here are some highlights of our firm's growth and change:

1935 »

The original partnership, Haralson & Mott, was formed by Joe J. Haralson and Ralph O. Mott. The initial location of the office was 229 Merchants Bank Building, Fort Smith.

1937 »

An office was opened in Muskogee, Oklahoma at 608 Manhattan Building under the name of J.J. Haralson, Architect.

1947 »

William L. Horstman joined the partnership and the name of the Muskogee office became Haralson & Horstman.

1955 »

After the death of Joe Haralson, Robert E. Mobley was named a partner. The Fort Smith office became Mott, Mobley & Horstman and the Muskogee office became Horstman and Mott.


1961 »

Eugene L. Staton, a structural engineer, became a partner and the Fort Smith name was changed to Mott, Mobley, Horstman & Staton.

1964 »

Roger W. Richter became a partner and the Muskogee office name was changed to Horstman, Richter & Mott.

1965 »

Fort Smith office relocated to 629 Merchants Bank Building.

1968 »

Harold L. Griffin became a partner.

1969 »

Eugene L. Staton left the partnership to establish consulting engineering practice. Fort Smith name was changed to Mott, Mobley, Horstman & Griffin.

1970 »

John K. Mott became a partner.

1976 »

Larry L. McGowan became a partner.

1977 »

Fort Smith office relocated to offices in the restored 1888 Building at 302 North Sixth Street. Name of both offices changed to Mott, Mobley, Richter, McGowan & Griffin when William Horstman retired.

1979 »

Roger W. Richter withdrew from partnership and purchased Muskogee Office. Name changed to Mott, Mobley, McGowan & Griffin.

1980 »

The Partnership incorporated under the name Mott Mobley McGowan & Griffin, P.A.

1984 »

Steve Anderson becomes a partner in Risley Childers Anderson Sebourn where Galen Hunter is already on staff. Sam Voss joins the firm later that same year.

1985 »

Robert E. Mobley retired from MMMG.

1987 »

Tim Risley left the partnership of RCAS. Galen Hunter and Sam Voss became stockholders in the firm and the name is changed to Childers Anderson, Inc.

1989 »

James Childers left CA, Inc. Steve Anderson, Galen Hunter and Sam Voss formed Anderson Hunter Architects, Inc.

1993 »

Ralph O. Mott retired and John K. Mott withdrew to continue practice in Washington, D.C.

1994 »

Steven L. Anderson, Galen D. Hunter and Sam R. Voss became principals when the firm of Anderson Hunter Architects merged with Mott Mobley McGowan & Griffin to form McGowan Anderson Hunter & Griffin, Inc.

1995 »

Steven L. Anderson withdrew to work with the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation. The firm changed its name to MAHG Architecture, Inc.

1998 »

Harold L. Griffin retired from practice.

2001 »

Travis R. Bartlett and Michael L. Lejong became principals in the firm.

2004 »

Larry L. McGowan retired from practice.

2009 »

Sam R. Voss retired from practice.

2011 »

MAHG moved its offices into the Barn at Riley Farm. The Barn was purchased and renovated by the principals of MAHG.