Bell Park Community Pavilion


The Senator Ed Wilkinson Community Pavilion was first building project and the 3rd construction project as part of a master plan developed in 2006 to enhance Bell Park in Greenwood, Arkansas.


The pavilion was designed specifically to be an iconic focal point to the park. The pavilion’s design included many considerations, such as; a grand approach from the Bell Park entrance to the pavilion, panoramic views from the pavilion and amphitheater, year-around use of the park, trails and its facilities and the choice of materials to support the aesthetic style of the existing structures on site.


The approach to the pavilion from the car is indirect; giving a sense of arrival once the parking lot is reached. The parking area is intentionally set below the main level of the pavilion to maintain the views of the landscape.


The project is located on a 5-acre portion of the park. The pavilion is approximately 6,000 sq. ft. including a 4,000 sq. ft. Gathering Room, with seating for 300. The project also includes a concessions stand, table and chair storage, men and women restrooms accessible from the park, a performance/stage area with trellis and an amphitheater area with seating for 500 -1000 people. Fundraising for the amphitheater portion is still underway and is scheduled to begin construction in 2014.


The project was designed with many sustainable features in mind, for example; avoiding development on an inappropriate portion of the site and reduce environmental impact by constructing the project in an area where a former ball field existed, low to no-VOC emitting materials, total electric HVAC system design and extensive use of fluorescent lighting, low flow plumbing fixtures, high-performance glass and large overhangs to protect the glass and other equipment.


In addition, over 20% of all the material used contained recycled content and were regionally located within 500 miles of the project.


The City of Greenwood, Parks Department, Bell Park Foundation and the community have embraced the project. The pavilion is reserved several months in advance and the city schedules joint use of the facility with many other community organizations.


Future plans to enhance the sustainability of the pavilion and the park include; bike racks and trails connecting to the community to encourage walking and biking, plans for storage and collection of recyclables an environmental tobacco smoke control within the park.


  • Greenwood, Arkansas

Project Details

  • 6000 Square Feet

Completion Date

  • 2011

Project Value

  • The project was constructed for $1.39 million and was partially funded by a department of rural services grant and the city’s 1-cent sales for Park/Fire/Street departments.

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